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This web site is different to most - we only sell product that we have or would fit to our own vehicles.  Whilst manufacturer warranty is an important factor in our choice of products we would rather know that we are never going to have to call in that guarantee.

Saving a few dollars on a part is quickly undone when that vehicle has to be recovered just a few kms from home, or a few hundred kms from the nearest town.  Our customers travel the length and breadth of this country and we do the best we can to ensure they have worry-free motoring.

As well as providing you with this online facility we can also ensure you maximise your enjoyment of your vehicle with the following options

Log Book Servicing  If you have a vehicle which still has a manufacturer's warranty, you don't have to pay dealership prices for your logbook services.  We can help you protect your warranty by carrying out the service for you using genuine parts, and oils & fluids as specified, or better.  Call us or e-mail us for a quote on your vehicle

General Service & repairs Whatever your needs - be they simply an oil change, a major service or repairs to your vehicle, if it is a 4 Wheel Drive then we can help you.  With more than 80 years collective experience in our workshop we keep most common parts & accessories in stock and are equipped with the most up to date diagnostic equipment for a quick turnaround, to minimise inconvenience to you. We can help you with everything from a change of stop light globe to a change of motor or gearbox!  Call us or e-mail us for a quote on your vehicle.

Pre-Trip Service & Preparation  Before you head off on a trip it is a good idea to ensure that your vehicle is not going to let you down.  We offer a pre-trip check and service (if required).  Tell us where you are heading and we will help to ensure that you are all set and can relax with one less worry. We will provide you with a report on any items that may interrupt your travel - then you can make a fully informed choice on whether you repair this before you go, carry spares, or take you chances on the road.

...and speaking of spares we can provide a list of recommended spares to carry that are specific to your vehicle, its condition, and the journey you are taking.  If you do run into trouble it is much easier to find someone to help you fit a part than wait 3 days until one is flown in, or worse still have your car towed back to the nearest town. 
Call us or e-mail us for a quote on your vehicle

Post-Trip Service & Inspection  At the end of a trip, once your 4 wheel drive has been unpacked and all the gear is stowed for next time, the truck often gets parked and forgotten.

To avoid a mad rush in preparing for the next trip we recommend a post-trip check and service (if required).  We focus on all the spots that show fatigue from off-road use, and places where water can cause damage if forgotten.  This includes an inspection of all suspension & steering components, a check fo all under body oils and greasable points to minimise future issues with gearbox, diff and transfer cases, wheel bearings and winches. Call us or e-mail us for a quote on your vehicle.

Pre-Purchase Check  Thinking of buying your first 4 Wheel Drive or upgrading from your existing one?  It is always hard to determine if a well-presented second-hand vehicle has been treated right, is good value for money, or will need attention once the Roadworthy Certificate expires.  We can help you with a pre-purchase inspection on any vehicle that interests you.

We inspect the vehicle to give you an honest and independent assessment of its suitability for your needs.  We focus on the signs of poor maintenance and give you an estimate on any maintenace or repairs that are likely to emerge in the first year of ownership, and a summary of ongoing routine service costs.  That way you can negotiate the purchase price accordingly. 
Call us or e-mail us for a quote on your vehicle

Pre-Sales Check  Thinking of selling your 4 Wheel Drive, but not sure how much you might have to spend to get a good price?  Let us assess your vehicle and provide you with a list/quote of items that need to be repaired or replaced to present your vehicle in a Roadworthy and attractive form - that way you know exactly where you stand when negotiating with a buyer.

Call or e-mail us today for an estimate on an inspection of your vehicle.

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