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The MSA 4x4 Water Bra is the ''Original, Legendary Bra'', it was designed by MSA to prevent expensive engine damage to vehicles while crossing the necessary water crossing. The day will come when you won't have a choice and the water is quite driveable! 

The safest way to do this is with a Water Bra and while it is essential that a snorkel is installed to allow the engine to breathe above the water line, this does not prevent water being forced through the vehicle's grill at pressure. This results in the water being ''grabbed'' by the spinning engine fan and the fan then being pulled through the radiator. End result? No more radiator, you are stranded and wet!

The MSA 4x4 Water Bra is a 10 second ''Quick-fit'' design, with 1 person either side, the bra is placed at the front of the vehicle, opened, and then 50mm side straps with 6mm shock cord are wrapped around the rear view mirror mounts, clipped and tensioned. DONE! No vehicle damaging ocky straps or tarps needed. No eyes lost!

The Bra is made from 420 Denier, PVC backed nylon for maximum strength. Lighter fabrics just will not survive the water pressure, do you want to chance it! No thanks! 
The straps and buckles are 50mm for the same reason: strength! As an added feature, the bra has a strap pouch on the front so a strap can be hooked up and stored before crossings - ''just in case''.

Does your vehicle have a protection bar, winch, driving lights, antennas, etc? No problem! The bra conforms to any vehicle shape and size. Any gaps between the top of the bra and the bonnet are not a problem as the water just drops down and is not forced horizontally through the grill.
After another successful water crossing, the drainage gills at the bottom allow the water to drain away. Pack the bra up into its own storage bag and machine wash it or just hose it off later! 


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